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Are you shareable?  Is what you say worthy of being discussed?  Think about it… one great repost, share or like by your friends and their network and you have just been seen by 10,000 people through their networks.    Social media is simple; it is about being “around the party” and being seen continuously.  Here are 5 Perspectives from GNY that our team has learned about being shareable.

1. Be self-deprecating: Make fun of yourself.   Laugh a little…self-depreciation is immeasurably shareable – watch the full Logicalis video…wait for it…wait for it.  Look at the fun Logicalis had!

Recently I told my dentist, “Instead of telling me the TOP 10 reasons why you are so great, give them the TOP 10 reasons why people don’t go to the dentist”.

  • #1 Reason why people don’t go to the dentist…they suffer from PCTDD.   Post Childhood Traumatic Dental Disorder – PCTDD (when he does these, I will share them with you)

2.  Be knowledgeable: Become a free giver of useful or insightful information.   Simple “how to” content can be much more valuable in major marketing efforts.   If your company doesn’t have free intellectual capital, you might want to find a new job.

3.  Be Personal:  Here is my challenge to you.  Never say your company name in communication either written or visual.  People will connect with you through authenticity and trustworthiness.  Drive these emotions home with being real.   How is this done?  To paraphrase President Clinton, “it’s the story stupid.” lead with it.

4.  Be Connectable:  Think of testimonies as mini Lord of the Ring stories.   It is the adventure of your client overcoming great pain, and fear to claim the RING.  Let others tell your stories of triumph and how they found the RING…. You are the ring…ok maybe not- but roll with it!

5.  Be Continuous:  See yourself continuously feeding your audience snacks.  Recently I was talking with HTC President of Global Sales Jason Mackenzie and he said, “With the new HTC One we look at constantly snacking the Feed Generation.”  (HTC ONE it’s cool)   No longer can you be shared once in a while but you need to be continuously snacking with your friends.

Last and most importantly:  if you want to be shared then snack with others.  Like pages and share their content with your networks.  I have one friend over at Guidant Financial who when he  “shares” it’s seen by at least 20,000 people.  Share others wisely, but share often.

Contact us anytime and we’ll share what our team is continuously learning.