Tips for Your Studio Performance

1. Practice Makes Perfect


Never used a teleprompter before? Not a problem! Schedule a time in our studio before film day and see how your script sounds out loud.

2. Smile


Smiling might seem like an obvious thing to do when you’re on screen; however, many people forget to do it. Smiling really helps to connect with your audience and shows confidence!

3. Maintain eye contact but don’t forget to blink!


During your video shoot, the camera is your friend. Talk to it but don’t stare at it! If you are constantly wide-eyed reading the script as it flies by, you’re bound to look awkward.

4. Avoid the “Tennis Syndrome”


Have you ever watched a game of tennis from the sidelines? Back and forth, back and forth… Your eyes and even your head can start bouncing with the ball. Nauseating! In the game of teleprompters, the same effect can happen. Don’t let your head and eyes noticeably bounce from word to word. Read in sentences!

5. Loosen up


Do a little stretching; loosen your shoulders, neck and face. Find your inner Zen and master that teleprompter.

6. Don’t become a drummer…


There is a fine line between using your hands to emphasize what you are saying and bouncing your hand to the syllables of each word. Leave the drumming to Neil Pert. In addition to that, avoid pacing, swaying, and bouncing.